Colorado Sex Offender Management Board
On-Line Complaint Form

Submission of this form means that you are filing a formal complaint with the Sex Offender Management Board against a SOMB approved provider. Please complete this form as instructed in its entirety. Incomplete forms or complaints submitted without complete and necessary information will not be processed. Note that for anonymous complaints are acceptable and will be processed. If you provide a name and email, you will receive a copy of the complaint and SOMB staff will contact you if additional information is needed.
Upon submittal of this completed form, your complaint will be reviewed according to Appendix A of the SOMB Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Sex Offenders and/or the SOMB Standards and Guidelines for the Evaluation, Assessment, Treatment and Supervision of Juveniles Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses. (Please note that the Board only has purview of individual listed providers and can only respond to actual violations of the Standards.)

Please select your role in filing this complaint

Please provide a description of the situation or circumstances related to the violation of the Standards. Please attach supporting documentation.

The specific SOMB Standard(s) must be cited and how they were allegedly violated by the provider. Please refer to the Standards and Guidelines for details and/or consult with the SOMB staff for guidance.

Please describe what you would like to occur in order to resolve the situation.